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September 13, 2008


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Sue Bone

Somewhere with good connections to an International airport.


First, the Oregon coast is simply beautiful - no other way to describe it! I would love to come there for some R&R again.

As for what I would be looking for:
1. A large deck for watching/listening to the surf. Lounge chairs are a must!
2. A fireplace in my room, or in a common room, so I could keep warm on cold eves and mornings. And, plenty of firewood.
3. A large room for creating, or meeting with others. This room should have plenty of natural light, comfy chairs and lots of electrical outlets.
4. A big kitchen where one can grab a healthy snack, or where meals can be made (by the guests or the hosts). It could be a fin gathering place.
5. If being used for crafting, the space in #3 above should have a complete set of tools for the scrappers to use. This could include: cutters, die cut machines and dies or cartridges, hand tools, printers (at least 2), a computer (with internet access), etc.
6. Wi-Fi internet access throughout the home/building is essential.
7. A TV/Movie Room (for watching movies on a large screen) and no TV or telephones in the bedrooms (need a break from those, KWIM? ;)).
8. Massage services available. This could be someone who is hired and comes to the retreat location to provide massages. Perhaps even a room for this, someplace quiet?
9. I would love it if the colors were relaxing/subdued and no frillies! I have steared away from B&B's mostly because I can't stand the feeling of all the flowers and frillies they usually have as decor.
10. Fresh foods!!! It would be great to have access to locally grown produce, locally baked goods, etc. rather than the usual food served at events/hotels/retreats.
11. Big comfy beds with puffy bedding - NO slippery Motel 6 style bedspreads! ;)
12. Tubs and showers, and large vanity areas.
13. In-room music (perhaps BOSE speakers for those who bring their iPODS?). I love to be able to listen to my favs when waking up.
14. In-room breakfast. For those of us who are not morning people, this is a great way to start the day.
15. Nearby services (market, etc.) just in case we need anything while staying at your wonderful place!

I am sure I'll think of a million other things, but hopefully this will be a good start. By the way, you don't have to add my name to the prize drawing. I simply wanted to help you create a place that is welcoming and one that people would recommend to others.

One place I loved was MacArthur Place in Sonoma, CA. I took my hubby there for his birthday and we had a wonderful time. You might check out their website for an idea of what they offer and what it looks like.

Thanks for listening!


Love everything Steph mentioned.

But I would also think you would need plenty of bathrooms with good running toilets. Waiting for bathrooms can ruin a trip. Oh, and those nasty low-flows you gotta flush twice - yuck.

I'd think an outdoor patio area for smokers so there won't be smoking indoors.

Since you are near a beach, a space for shaking off the sand before going into the home.

Nicole K

Wow! It sounds wonderful. First, I would say some places to sit. Perhaps chairs to watch the ocean, so I could read or something if I don't feel scrappily-inspired.
Next, I would say a fireplace I could curl up with. For sheer coziness.
I like the idea of wifi, and tools (cricut, etc.). These are two things that would probably be relatively cheap and easy to set up, but would require minimal upkeep.
Nice bathtubs, for relaxing. And Fluffy towels. Gotta have fluffy towels.
A movie/game room might be nice... If only you need to escape a bit.
Workarea (a nice, big work area)

Great question!

Cindy Andrews

I want a bathroom of my own. Preferably in my bedroom. Your idea sounds wonderful. I'd love to be able to enjoy the surf and scrap!

Heather Kamarainen

I didn't read all of the other comments, but here are some things I can think of:

* Wireless internet access
* Access to a printer
* Plenty of lounge chairs and/or hammocks outside, preferably some away from others to have private thinking/reading time.
* Nice bedding
* Plenty of bathrooms
* Snacks or access to the kitchen to make your own.
* Good coffee with liquid creamer or half & half (not the powdered stuff)
* Good lighting in work area
* An up-to-date website with lots of pictures and descriptions for possible clients to check it out online


Wireless Internet Connection
Printer, wide format would be fantastic
A place to set up crop tables--went to one vacation home for a retreat and there wasn't enough room to set up tables/scrappin areas for 8 women.
Speaker system for Ipod or other MP3/MP4 player
Really good lighting for the work area
Laundry area (just in case, lol)
Snacky pantry--a pantry stocked for scrappers (just include it in the price) full of good crop snacks--
Scrappy Tools- a cricut, extra paper trimmers, basic stuff, just in case someone forgot to pack something.
Beach Towels, so they don't have to worry about bringing from home
outdoor eating area
Screened in porch--great to get outside if the mosquitos are biting.
low steps or perhaps consider making it handicap accesible on the outside entrances
Close proximity to a quickie mart/grocery store, for those last minute needs


The one thing that I think wud be such a nice touch would be a beautiful journal and pens and/or pencils and erasers for writing down our thoughts and getting personal. So important to me. I think that would be wonderful.. to have it there just waiting for me to use...

simple I know..

one more thing.

luxurious bedding.. so when I slid into bed. it would feel like heaven.


Amy H

My Beach Retreat House would have:

A scraproom that is super cute with computer
A wrap around porch over looking the beach with a swing and hanging flower baskets
A home theater system and a super cozy couch to cuddle on
A maid and my own personal chef

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